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Vidimed is charting a course towards a stronger and more sustainable healthcare system that connects with people and delivers better care to patients in every setting.

Based in Luxembourg, and with offices in the USA and UAE, Vidimed is an international provider of pharmaceutical and nutritional health care products. We focus on marketing and in-licensing FDA & European approved therapeutics as well as manufacture our own range of medicinal and nutritional products that address the growing need of emerging markets in the MENA region.

At Vidimed we inspire health care with trusted and innovative solutions and drive partnerships to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain in the region.

At Vidimed, we combine a unique range of knowledge, skills, and experience with a passion for following the science. Our inspiration for care and cure is more than a business, more than a partner and more than a drug. We aim for a better health for a better you.



To be one of the leading primary health solution providers in the MENA region. In order to accomplish this, we work to be trusted by patients, and a partner for Health Care Professionals


Our mission is to identify unmet medical needs in the region and fulfill them by providing access to novel healthcare products

Vidimed Brand story

Vidimed was developed to fulfill the needs of the patients in the MENA region. It was launched in 2015 with its presence in Luxembourg, USA and Dubai. With its multi-country presence, Vidimed has developed the ability to connect cutting-edge technology developers with their consumer base in the territory.

Product Categories

Vidimed welcomes new challenges and brings support, care and wellness through our vast portfolio of wellness solutions. Our products are more than a list of medicines, it reflects the work we do here every day to break new ground with science that makes a difference in the lives of patients. We target products involving challenging molecules and technology barriers to develop a set of Vidimed products that are commercially compelling and difficult to replicate to gain market share in the region.

  • VidiCare

    Effective solutions for my family’s skin conditions

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  • Diabetes and Weight loss

    A sprinkle a day Keeps the calories away

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  • VidiKids

    Support for Little Super Heros

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  • Vidimed Nutrition

    Great health is now at the tip of your tongue...

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  • Sports & Energy

    Energizing supplements, prevention of vitamin deficiency and revitalization for peak performance.

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  • Vidimed Feminine Care

    Specially formulated for feminine wellbeing

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We are Certified Certifications

Vidimed is committed to 100% compliance with internationally recognized quality standards and good manufacturing practices. Our customers have the highest degree of assurance that our products are manufactured and controlled to the levels required by the world’s most demanding health authorities.

What is happeningFrom the news

  • Amycal is now available on Souq, Noon and Medisouq.

    Good news for Amycal customers …. Now we are available on Medisouq, Noon and Souq. From the principle of our keenness to satisfy our customers we have worked to make Amycal available on the...

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  • Vidi B12 and Vidi D3 are available in UAE pharmacies

    Orally dissolving strips, a new approach to oral drug delivery for those who hate swallowing pills. Vidi B12 and Vidi D3 Oral dissolving strips with natural mint and strawberry flavor are now avail...

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