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Vidimed is charting a course towards a stronger and more sustainable healthcare system that connects with people and delivers better care to patients in every setting.

Based in Luxembourg, and with offices in the USA and UAE, Vidimed is an international provider of pharmaceutical and nutritional health care products. We focus on marketing and in-licensing FDA & European approved therapeutics as well as manufacture our own range of medicinal and nutritional products that address the growing need of emerging markets in the MENA region.

At Vidimed we inspire health care with trusted and innovative solutions and drive partnerships to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain in the region.

At Vidimed, we combine a unique range of knowledge, skills, and experience with a passion for following the science. Our inspiration for care and cure is more than a business, more than a partner and more than a drug. We aim for a better health for a better you.

Our Principles

We Promise: To deliver innovative health care solutions that help people live healthier lives.

Our Values


We operate with high standards of ethical behavior, seek transparency with our partners, suppliers and manufacturers.


We value performance and are committed to deliver and demonstrate excellence in making quality healthcare accessible globally


We inspire each other to explore novel ideas and commit ourselves to meeting unmet medical, societal and patient needs.


We listen to our customers so we can act with insight, compassion and understanding to improve quality of life and healthcare in our region.


Lives healed. Lives saved. Lives forever changed.

Bridging the gap between the demand and primary care, our innovative product range inspires recovery with care and compassion. Committed to bringing innovative therapeutics and new molecules to the market, Vidimed focuses on diseases with significant unmet medical needs in the region.

To advance this mission, we operate through long term strategic, mutually rewarding partnerships with technology providers, global manufacturers, health care providers and pharmacies to improve product access and bring long term commercial success. Successful partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, aligned interests and a goal of improving the lives of people. Using our operational effectiveness and regulatory competence we seize scientific opportunities and build product portfolio specific for the needs in patients with illnesses in the MENA region.

Our line of generic and specialty treatments are backed by our accredited manufacturing capability specialized in technically complex formulations, various dosage forms and molecules.

Vidimed’s vast marketing and distribution network of pharmacies, hospitals and institutions helps products get fast and sustainable market access into the MENA. From branding and marketing strategy using commercial, medical and scientific channels to distribution and promotion, Vidimed finds new ways to make healthcare available to and affordable for all. Our passion to understand market trends and our culture of innovation enable us to focus on delivering superior care to our patients. That is why, our model is centered around creating innovative solutions that eventually benefit our patients.

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