Vidimed welcomes new challenges and brings support, care and wellness through our vast portfolio of wellness solutions. Our products are more than a list of medicines, it reflects the work we do here every day to break new ground with science that makes a difference in the lives of patients. We target products involving challenging molecules and technology barriers to develop a set of Vidimed products that are commercially compelling and difficult to replicate to gain market share in the region.



VidiCare espouses a philosophy of natural skin care products made from non-artificial ingredients such as natural oils, flowers and herbs. These products are known to effectively treat and nourish the skin and have been tried and tested for centuries.

VidiCare is the difference between feel good and do good skin care and does not cause the allergies, skin reactions and aging that results from synthetic-chemical based products. Many skin care products available today contain harmful synthetic ingredients and toxins that can cause a range of negative side effects, including skin degradation and aging in the long run.

VidiCare brings you the best of nature and science by harnessing the power of natural ingredients and then applying scientific principles to the testing and combining thereof. VidiCare embraces the responsibility to ensure the use of only natural, healthy ingredients that have been trusted for centuries and have been proven safe.

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Diabetes and Weight loss

Amycal, a one of a kind product to fight Diabetes which has been launched in the Middle East. Amycal contains Starchlite – an extract made from white kidney beans that is 100% natural and when sprinkled over food or mixed with water, is scientifically proven to limit the negative impact of starchy foods on blood sugar and on your body.



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We know how important your child’s health and happiness is to you, so we’ve developed a complete kids range that takes care of all their needs so you can turn to one brand for total piece of mind. As leading experts in pharma products and supplements we’ve designed vitamins and supportive supplements in playful shapes and colours that make staying well fun for kids. Try our multivitamin or omega gummies for everyday wellbeing, our lollipops for motion sickness and sore throats, and our vitamin D drops for a boost. Our body care range launches with nappy rash cream with more exciting offerings to come – all developed scientifically to take the very best care of kids, inside and out.

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Vidimed Nutrition

Concept of innovative nutrition

An Estimated 31% Adults dislike taking pills. Vidimed Nutrition brings you the latest innovations in health supplements to make your vitamin regimen tastier and easier to follow.

Vidistrips concept:

Vidistrips  are Vidi B12 (methylcobalamin, 1000 mcg) & Vidi D3 (cholecalciferol, 1000 IU) Oral Dissolving Strips.  As the name suggests, these novel delivery systems dissolve as soon as they are placed on the tongue with a great flavor and do not require the consumer to swallow or use water.


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Sports & Energy

Active lifestyles and the demands of work often leave you needing the support of supplements to give you the energy needed for your daily run, gym workout or even just brisk walk around the park.  A boost of energy would make all the difference!

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Vidimed Feminine Care

The Vidimed Feminine Care range is a range dedicated to women-related health issues.
It is a group of products that are focused on the treatment of stretchmarks, varicose veins and vaginal hygiene.

The products are designed for women specifcally and are multifunctional, hassle-free and easy to ft into any lifestyle.

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