Vidi B12 and Vidi D3 are available in UAE pharmacies

June . 07 . 2018

Orally dissolving strips, a new approach to oral drug delivery for those who hate swallowing pills. Vidi B12 and Vidi D3 Oral dissolving strips with natural mint and strawberry flavor are now available in UAE pharmacies.

Orally disintegrating strips ensure superior delivery of the active ingredients without first pass effect. With this innovative technology patients can benefit from the maximum dose of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12. Vitamin D3 deficiency is highly prevalent in the GCC region with prevalence rates between 75% and 100%. This has driven us to find an alternative to tablets.

Vidi D3 1000 IU dissolving strips are an easy and tasty way to get your daily Vitamin D3 dose. Just place a strip on your tongue and enjoy the fresh strawberry flavor while your body absorbs exactly what it needs.

From the point of patient need and care we also launched Vidi B12 1000 mcg for patients who suffer from Vitamin b12 deficiency or use diabetic medications.Just place a Vidi B12 dissolving strip on your tongue and enjoy the fresh, mint flavour while your body absorbs the perfect dose of vitamin B12 for your daily needs.

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