Top 5 tips to eating healthier

Top 5 tips to eating healthier
July 01 ,2018 / Diabetes and Weight loss

We all want to be able to eat healthily. But, our modern lifestyles often mean that we are indulging in unhealthy food a bit more often than our waistline would like. To eat healthily, all you need to do is eat the right food, in the right amounts. That way, you don’t eat more than your recommended daily allowance, but you still have all the vitamins and minerals your body relies on. Sounds simple, right? If it were that easy, everyone would be eating super healthy all the time. Yet, obesity is a real issue. Eating healthily is clearly not that simple, so here are five useful tips to help you eat cleaner and better.

Eating more of the right stuff

No food is unhealthy if you eat it in the correct portions. This means you should find yourself eating tiny portions of foods containing high amounts of sugar and high saturated fat if you are eating right. But, in reality, most of us massively over consume when it comes to sweet treats and fatty foods. These account for a more significant proportion of our daily intake than dietitians would recommend. To solve this, we need to fill up on the right things. Piling up the fruits and vegetables is the way to go. Fatty fish and other seafood are excellent sources of healthy fats. As well as this, incorporating nuts, low-fat dairy, and wholegrain foods are great alternatives to our usual high-carb, high-sugar meals. They will also leave you fuller for longer, so your sweet tooth doesn’t start acting up throughout your day.

Stick to water

We could avoid so much of our excess calorie intake by merely sticking to water. Avoiding sugary, fizzy drinks, and fruit juices could reduce your calorie intake massively. When we take in our calories through liquids, it’s harder to register how much we have consumed. Food will fill you up, and you can gauge your intake from looking at what you are eating, but drinks can be harder to assess. The simple solution is to stick to water with your meals and keep sugary beverages to a minimum. Having a glass of water before your meal will also help prevent you from overeating.

Try a home-cooked meal

Eating out all the time is easy and fun when you go with the right people. But it doesn’t always help to keep us in the best health. When food is prepared for you, you don’t know exactly how much of and what you are eating. This doesn’t help with portion control, and most restaurants tend to provide massively oversized meals. Cooking at home yourself, or having a home cooked meal, gives you more control over what foods you are eating, and how much. Cooking can also be a fun, new skill to learn.

Make healthy orders in restaurants

When you do eat out, try to order a healthy meal. Depending on where you choose to eat, this can be difficult. Planning where you want to eat will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to healthy food. Try ordering the healthier versions of the food you like. For example, choose grilled chicken over fried, or brown rice over white rice when you have the option. Choose a side salad over fries if possible. If this sounds like something you might struggle to do every day, allowing yourself to have a cheat day can help you make better decisions. Your cheat day is the one day per week where you can eat whatever you fancy. The other six days are dedicated to living healthier.

Beware of anchor orders in restaurants

A lot of healthy eating comes down to having the willpower and discipline to look after your body. These things are easily influenced by those closest to you. When you eat out, be aware of anchor orders. Those who order first often set the tone for how healthy your meal is going to be. If the first person to order requests a whole platter of fried food, this gives everyone at the table more license to indulge, without the guilt. In times like these, you need to stay strong and try to make the healthiest decision for you.

These tips should give you more ways to take control of your eating habits so you can live healthier. If you need an extra helping hand to meet your goals, why not try Amycal to help reduce your calorie intake.  


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