Eating carbs to maintain a healthy diet

Eating carbs to maintain a healthy diet
July 01 ,2018 / Diabetes and Weight loss

So, what are carbs? Carbohydrates are one of the three “macronutrients”, the others being fat and protein. Even with as bad a reputation as they have, fats and carbs are actually essential to being healthy. It all comes down to moderation, and the kinds of carbs you’re eating.

Carbs can be split into three types:


Naturally found in fruit, veg, milk, and various others. Sugar is often artificially added to sweets and soft drinks for taste. This is the kind of carb you’ll want to mostly avoid, as too much leads to weight gain and high blood pressure.


This carb is found in what most people think when they think of carbs. It’s found in white bread, pasta, and rice. Now, while it may be fattening when eaten too much, a moderated intake is necessary if you want to stay fit and healthy. Starch releases energy throughout the day, meaning you don’t feel tempted to snack.


Fibre is the most beneficial of the carbs. It’s best known for supporting metabolism, but it can also lower the risk of heart disease and help maintain a healthy weight.

All these carbs have different dangers and benefits, but all perform the same relative functions in the body.


When broken down, carbs become glucose. This is what the body uses as fuel. From running a marathon to just breathing, glucose fuels it. Any leftover glucose is stored in the liver as a reserve. So, we do need carbs since that’s where we get our energy! The downside is when you eat more carbs than you use energy, that’ when it gets converted into fat. As long as you’re eating only as many carbs as you’re going to need through the day, you’ll be burning through what you’re taking in.


By eating starchy carbs, you’ll be less likely to snack throughout the day. There’s a reason for this! Starchy carbs take longer to be broken apart by enzymes, so there’s a slower release of energy. That’s what gives us that full feeling without actually being full to bursting! The fibre carbs also help. Fibre binds with water, which also makes you feel full.


Most whole-grain foods contain a lot of B vitamins. These vitamins are essential in making energy to keep you going through the day. Research into carb intake has also revealed that diets with high-fibre have less risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers.


At the end of the day, we can all admit that carbs taste great. Maybe it’s because the body knows that it’s consuming fuel, or maybe it’s just that things we shouldn’t overeat are too tempting! But carbs are delicious either way.

The trick to managing your carb intake is through moderation, and being smart about what carbs you’re taking in. Remember, whole-grain products are the healthiest forms of carbs for your diet. Don’t be afraid of carbs, just like everything else on the food pyramid; it just takes careful moderation. Carbs are an essential part of staying healthy, so carb away! Why not add AmyCal to your meals? "A sprinkle a day keeps the calories away." By reducing your carbohydrate absorption from starchy foods by up to 66%, you can protect yourself against all the harmful effects of starch intake on your body. How does it work? Find out more today!


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