Scars and Stretch Marks Oil

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VidiCare Scars and Stretch Marks Oil is a delicate product well tolerated by all skin types. It is particularly recommended for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and for the treatment of pink and red stretch marks. It can also be used for stretch marks that occur during puberty and post-weight loss.

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VidiCare Scars and Stretch Marks Oil contains linoleic acid and lavender oils to prevent and soothe scars and stretchmarks especially during pregnancy, weight loss and puberty.

50 ml dropper bottle

  • Scars and stretchmarks
  • VidiCare Scars and stretchmarks is especially suitable for use in pregnancy, puberty and weight loss and for preventing the appearance of stretchmarks and for getting rid of new, pink stretchmarks.

To use, gently apply a small portion of VidiCare Scars and Stretch Marks Oil on the skin surface and gently massage until absorbed completely. Use twice a day. Do not use on wounded and damaged skin.

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