Arnica Cream

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VidiCare Arnica Cream with antioxidant Vitamin E is a soothing and nourishing body cream with a unique combination of ingredients that make it perfect for Healing care of bruises and stiffness.


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Arnica is a herb belonging to the sunflower family. It has played a vital role in medicine since the 1500’s and is native to the mountains of Europe and Siberia although today it is also found in Canada and the United States. Arnica is now cultivated for medicinal purposes and extracts of the flowers are used in homeopathic and skin care preparations.

100 ml tube


  • Bruises and stiffness
  • Recommended for use following exercise or dermatology procedures
  • Especially recommended for bruises in delicate face or neck region


Place a large quantity of cream into the hand and massage into the required area for example arms, legs or back - this may be necessary more than once per day.


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